Not everyone is always interested in the latest and cutting edge technological breakthroughs when it comes to instrument making.  We discussed in previous blogs about the accuracy, professionalism and sound that comes out of synthetically built instruments such as the oud and darbuka, but some players no matter what you tell them, show them even compare with, they always look into techniques and methods that are old school and naturally hand crafted.  Why? Because some critics say that even though you can synthesize the sound of an instrument, you will never be able to clone its soul.

ArabInstruments wishes to express its appreciation for the true art of music by introducing to their very distinct and rare clay darbuka made by Gawharet El Fan.  This piece of musical instrument is hand crafted from start to finish. Molded and sculpted by hand with clay with handcrafted mother of pearl setting.  To give it's spectacular 'doum' is the simplicity of using what was traditionally used for thousands of years, fish skin.  Fish skin has that unique texture of being able to stretch thinly to produce the drum head, yet strong enough to withstand the aggressive beats of hands.  The rounded edge being an Egyptian styled darbuka gives the player the opportunity to have a multitude of sound ranges given the fact that the fish skin can sound variably according to it's temperature which is why it's common for players to place a lit light bulb in the cavity to heat the fish skin and gives the player the desired tone they desire.

Note that the darbuka is not mass produced because the process of making them is enduring.  So owning one of these items is auspicious and are available in either sombaty or standard sizes as per request.