Earlier we mentioned the Oud or 'Ud' and it's magnificence in it's design and materials used.   Because of technological enhancements not only has there been an improvement on tuning these instruments but also a complete redesign of them.  ArabInstruments has the honor to introduce to you the 'electric oud'.  Traditional electrical instruments usually are made from man made materials such as hard reinforced plastics or carbon or other synthetic materials, here is where this particular instrument shines.  It is made completely from natural materials as it used to be originally made for thousands of years, but in this case we have a beautiful mixture of mahogany, ebony and walnut in the very core of this oud.

Our Electric Ouds..

Mahogany has excellent workability, and is very durable, it provides a very solid and perfect design curves that only the oud can appreciate.  Only a handful of makers in this industry are qualified to come up with such showmanship.  That is why we are proud to introduce two of the top electric oud models in the market, 'The Pear' & 'The Swan' handcrafted by Salah of Shefaram.

These two beautiful masterpieces are named righteously so, due to the first model colored in a native toned pear, and the second model curvaceous and elegant as a swan.

It stands to reason that no wonder these instruments are always in the hands of professional musicians due to it's light nature, it's unusual unique design and the fact that it enlightens the listener to sounds as pure as one could possibly make.  The electric oud is unique in its nature, as a middle eastern instrument with westernized touches, not only compliments players who indulge in eastern traditions of playing, but can compliment all forms of music including jazz, contemporary, blues, and even alternative rock!