There are a total of 22 Arab states that form the Arab league.  But the one place that most Arab musicians will unanimously agree, particularly in the sound, design and soul of the Oud, is Egypt. ArabInstruments is once again proud to showcase to you the Egyptian oud.  Why is this instrument so well sought after? Because anyone who is an oud enthusiast has heard of names such as Farid El Atrash, Zakariyya Ahmed and many others who all created the best and most famous songs and not just famous but with deep soul and earth moving musical pieces, all with one instrument in their hand. The Egyptian oud.  That is why in order to give homage to this instrument, we carry only but the best that is available anywhere.

Our top two makers of the oud "Gawharet El Fan" & "Bkr Dahrar" have us portraying their latest models for 2012 and sounding even better than before!  That is because we are not only sellers of musical instruments but we are musicians, and as experts we added high quality pickups to these ouds so that you have the comfort of either playing it acoustically or plugged into amplifiers.  Our ouds are made from Padouk, these tree are favorites among woodworkers as it is a very tough wood, highly stable and has a natural artistic texture to it that makes this cherry colored instrument wanted by many with certain models that are decorated additionally with mother of pearl.

Advanced players usually know by heart when they buy an oud how it will sound like, as they have the expertise of recognizing pitch and tones according to size and other variables of an oud.  But even beginners can pick the oud they want from our website, as we also have sound file attachments to most of our models displayed to give you a sense of the sound coming out of a particular oud.

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