Previously we discussed a brief history on the darbuka, or as commonly known in Egypt and other Arab countries as the tabla.  We already introduced to you our Gawharet El Fan brand of darbukas.  Today we would like to introduce to you our other fantastic brands of darbuka designed and hand crafted by Egy Gawhara.  Egy Gawhara is one of the pioneers in Egyptian darbuka manufacturing as they have over 30 years experience in the field of producing these fine instruments and Egy Gawhara was originally a partner and founder of Gawharet El Fan till they decided to branch out in 2005.  So you get the experience and diversity of one of the most beautifully designed instruments coming out of Egypt.

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What makes Egy Gawhara's darbukas stand out is the fact that they are very well known to be engulfed and elegantly hand crafted with mother of pearl.  We believe an instrument should sound as beautiful as it looks and Egy Gawhara have perfected that with their darbukas.  The new generations of the Sombaty darbukas are slightly wider than the regular sized darbukas and that is to give you the maximum ranges of the 'doom', 'tac' and 'slap' sounding strokes,  which is why these instruments are extremely popular and favored by Middle Eastern players who require the range that spans the 23cm diameter skin and why they weigh slightly heavier than the standard darbukas at over 4.5kg, that also helps to stabilize the drum and helps in the free flow of the sound, due to the high quality aluminum finish on the inside that allows the flow of sound to be as smooth and pure as possible with double glass layers on the outside protecting the darbuka from damaging the mother of pearl art and general wear and tear.