In one of our previous blogs, we talked about the doumbek 'darbuka' or tabla, as the drum instrument is known.  But we did not discuss in details what makes this instrument sound uniquely among themselves.  This is where we introduce to you the different darbuka skins available only exclusively at  Darbuka skins can be categorized into 2 motifs, modern and traditional.  Under the modern sounds of the doumbek we have the Power Beat skin.  This skin comes in black, white and transparent, three arrays of colors that match any doumbek design you purchase from our website.  This skin was designed to be durable and fits most standard sized darbukas.  A very popular skin head brand among professional musicians alike.  The outer ring of this skin is built with durability and tone in mind. Without the need to use candles to warm and tighten the seems or skin such as they did during the traditional olden times   Here we are spared trial and error.   We looked instead directly to modern technology sporting a simple look.


But if you are a fan of tradition, or want to have that modern sound powering through your instrument yet keeping that essential traditional look, then you must go with the Remo Fish Skin, specially designed for the 6 peg Egyptian darbukas conducting a beautiful artificial fish scales effect for purely aesthetic looks.

For those still not used to setting up their own skins for their drums, or even beginners we have a video specifically made by ArabInsstruments to show our fans how it's done with ease wherever you are in the event of having to replace a damaged skin or for different tone effects needed at the time.

So you've purchased your first darbuka, with some skins as a bonus, but wouldn't you like to carry all that in a custom case ensuring the protection of your instruments?  We have the right darbuka case for you, why? because once you check it out, you'll realize how much it exceeds in terms of quality in comparison to the cheap fabrication of other brands and that they are not designed by players like us who understand what are the essential requirements for a proper carry case.