For many years, the ceramic darbuka maker "Baraka" (from Hungary) build a professional ceramic darbukas for the top players around the world.
Baraka build his darbukas in different technic from other makers.

In his building process, his darbuka burns inside an oven two times.
The first time the ceramic material getting hard after the darbuka has been shaped by hand (Height and diameter).
On the second time he covers the darbuka outside and inside with a glaze and burn it again on high temperature. After the second burning the darbuka gets an amazing
shining color which becomes a part of the darbuka forever.

Every skin (Goat, fish or calf) selected specifically for each darbuka in order to get the ultimate sound. The thickness of the skin is also take into account in this process.
Eventually you will get an outstanding darbuka with unbelievable look and one of the best sound ceramic darbuka can offers.