Here in Arab Instruments we are trying to provide sound samples for almost every musical instruments we have in our website.
This time we have decided to collect our team and to play something together.
The combination of Arabic ney , oud and darbuka is sounds so good and we do want that you watch it and listen to this amazing harmony.

For 2017 we are planning to bring to our website a newest Arabic musical instruments models. All our models are hand made, which have been made with a lot of love and care. This year there are no excuses, this year you are going to give yourself a present and once you will hold our Arabic musical instrument you will understand why we are so enjoying our work.

Rast Dulab.

Now it is the best time to learn playing the Ney and we do have the best neys to offer you in our online shop.


Rast Peşrev Meçhul

Prefer to play the oud? We have a big variety of Egyptian, Turkish and Syrian ouds for you.

order oud

Sirto - Maqam Nikriz

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Rast Sirto Lullaby Style