Those who are doumbek lovers already have known playing it and who are interested in playing it would know how much fun playing it. On the other hand numerous players don’t give the right regard for their darbuka drum. They are playing with extremely old darbuka that looks awful, some of them play with exceptionally modest darbuka however in this article we will inform you about 8 reasons why to learn playing the doumbek today!

  1. Get Rhythms:

Playing doumbek drums and get rhythms can be an optimal experience and encourages participants of all ages to achieve flow.

  1. Academic Growth:

There’s a saying ‘Drumming can help students grow academically’. Learning doumbek can enhance and create permanent impression on the ability to concentrate and compliment studies in the arts, math, science, language arts, history & physical fitness.

  1. Brain Development

According to scientific research, playing music, and hence drumming and playing percussion, increases the development of various regions of the brain, including the corpus callosum, motor and auditory cortexes.

  1. Healing Art

It is known to all that drumming is a healing art and therefore it can give participants of any age a better sense of greatness.

  1. Increases Physical Stamina:

As doumbek is a hand drum and hand drumming as well as regular participation in any form of percussion playing increases the physical stamina of its players.

  1. Self Control:

Playing doumbek increases body kinesthetic development & awareness. Also drumming helps students develop graceful coordination and self-control.

  1. Best Impression:

When you will be performing with your doumbek, numerous eyes looking on you and on your doumbek. You would like to give the best impression and darbuka sound stunning with a specific end goal. You just make sure People love to listen to its melodious tune.

  1. Ethnic and Cultural:

Doumbek circles are great ethnic and cultural bridges and they harmoniously bring diverse people, instruments and musical styles together for an eternal piece of time.

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