The Best ways to keep your darbuka in a perfect condition

The magic of Darbuka Drums is in the sounds it releases.

The drums are fragile, especially those covered with pearls or made out of clay/ceramic. These materials need protection from scratches and cracks. Having cracks on your darbuka drum head will definitely change the sound it releases, so the safest option is to protect it.

That said, there are several misconceptions about the darbuka drum, its origin, history, types, and even how to protect it. So, how can you protect it perfectly?

A lot of players invest in expensive darbuka for its quality and beauty. But all of that can go away if they fail to protect it the right way. A new darbuka drum can quickly deteriorate in its performance and beauty if it's not well protected and perfectly taken care.

One thing every darbuka player must know is that you can’t keep or carry around your darbuka “naked.” It must always be in a Premium case if yo