What is so fascinating about Sombaty plus Darbuka?

What do you want the most in your musical instrument? Whether it is a wide variety of perfectly-tuned sounds and timbres, durability, or aesthetics, sombaty plus darbukas have it all. This fascinating musical masterpiece has a unique structure and looks intriguing with a hint of royalty. Once you learn to control and play a sombaty plus darbukas, you’ll be the king of the stage.

What is a Sombaty plus Darbuka?

A sombaty plus darbuka is a contemporary darbuka made in Egypt by Arab Instruments. The art of making darbukas has evolved for thousands of years along with the materials. They are made using aluminum covers with white mother of pearl, blue pearls from Australian coasts, and special Japanese pearls. Some craftsmen decorate their darbukas with wood and pearls. Experienced manufacturers like Arab I