Stringed instruments began to happen in people's lives right after the percussion instruments.
The Oud is one of the oldest stringed instruments. It was developed and is still used in all countries of the world. The Arabic Oud is one of the most important types of the Oud.
The most famous of which is the Iraqi Oud and the Shami or Damascene Oud.
Artists and also beginners play in this type of Oud instrument, because it is very elaborate and ancient, and the Arabic Oud was manufactured for the first time in the sixth century AD.

Some Technical Details

The full length of the Arabic Oud is 67 cm, and its width is 36 cm.
The size of the top image is 19 cm, 4 cm wide from the end of the keys, and 6 cm from the sound box.
The total length of each string is 57 cm.