Oud is extremely popular which is played by plucking, either ensemble or in solo. It has pear-shaped, fretless as well as descent short necked face has five or six strings. Mostly what features make it more popular is it’s warm timbre, microtonal flexibility and low tessatura. It is often decorated nicely for more cool seeing. In this section we will discuss the main 10 reasons to start learning oud now.


1.Progenitor of the guitar:Guitar is one of the most popular instrument in today’s time. In fact it is called the grandfather of the modern musical instrument. The versatility of the Oud is the cornerstone of the development of Middle eastern musical theory. For this reason guitar lovers take a bow to learn it.


2.Easy to start:

It’s quite so easy to play oud. Only within a couple of days anyone can play one or two songs. It cam motivate things get more challenging as well as more exciting.

3.Check the reality

Guitar playing is one of the best fun. By virtue of practice anyone interested can get earn a good deal of gratitude. It’s more fun as well.


In fact an adult motivation lasts longer. While some crazy children would pick up a guitar to impress others and want to learn because of a friend playing it too, adults might be more sincere in their motivation.

5.Oud offers freedom

If you are a freedom minded would like to bend the rules, try something new, get out of ancient paradigms or just want to play notes that you can’t find on a violin, then well, oud is for you. More over oud is fretless, allowing the player to play just about any frequency of sound you want.

6.Help making you a better musician

Oud is definitely a challenging instrument and it isn’t as difficult as Piano. Without oud thinking of middle eastern music is just insane. It will help making you a great musician in todays time.

7.Deep spiritual soundSome music makes you fall asleep and every effect in between. The Oud is not only a very dynamic and exciting instrument, but also it has a huge meditative effect and has been used in ancient history to create a relaxed state of mind.



A new learner tend to fickle because they like to explore and everything is still new to them. While exploring is a good quality, it’s also necessary to stick with something and explore that in order to improve. Experienced have the advantage to be more consistent.

9.Has a taste of everything

If you want a bit of everything then oud is for you. By playing oud anyone can create Arabian music, Iranian music, Greek music, Indian music, Chinese music, Japanese music and so on. Oud is the ultimate instrument for the ethnomusicologist.

10.Best suite for Middle Eastern music

Deep middle eastern music is worthless without oud. The term ‘modulation’ for oud is well known, this means playing one scale and changing to another one, and then to another one, and then coming all the way back again. There are so many ways of doing this using traditional myths.