Q. Those instruments are very fragile to delivery. How can I be sure that the musical instrument will not break during the shipping?

Our company is using the most progressive packing techniques and we have 100% delivery successes. We have clients in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and also the Far East. Sending fragile items around the world is a subject that we have learned to implement and we have a list of happy customers which left us feedback that can be reviewed in our feedback page.

Q. How long will it take to receive the item after the purchase is completed?

Usually it takes around 15 business days (some times even sooner).

Q. If I will buy a product from your store, do I need to pay also customs when the package arrives to my country?

Every country has there own rules of customs. You should check with your local authority if there is a customs for the product you have purchased.

Q. In case I want to buy several instruments, is there any discount?

In this case you should talk to our sales teem for a special price.

Q. Does this company own the instruments or it is just a third party?

Every musical instrument on the store has been imported by us and in the responsibility of Arab Instruments Store.