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Oud Lessons


Oud Lessons

This is the place to learn how to play on the oud. In the following page we are sharing with you some of our oud
lessons and basic instructions for the oud players. The lessons include different maqams and basic instruction such as
holding the oud and the plectrum (reeshe) .

Oud Maqam -  First Part
Oud Maqam - Second Part


oud advise Some tips and guidelines for playing the oud
  • In order to keep your posture, elevate your leg, thus making the oud less of a stretch.

  • Keep your back straight with your shoulders even. Direct your right arm towards the oud strings just above the middle of the instrument's base. Depending on your own size and on the size of your oud, it may take some time to achieve this position.

  • Considering that you are sitting up with your back straight while looking straight ahead, the face of the oud should be parallel to your own. It is important that the oud should not lean forward or backward. Its length should be kept parallel to the floor and straight. With practice, the oud's round back will fit comfortably in the nook formed by your thigh and your abdomen. You must try not to support the oud's neck with your left hand since it should maintain itself.

  • Although there is not one standard way of holding the oud, the tips and guidelines suggested will help you feel more comfortable with your instrument.